Monday, 16 November 2009

Update on my work so far!

This post is a simple update of the work that I have been doing since my last post concerning my work.  I have been experimenting with different techniques of applying paint to the canvas resulting in different styles of painting.  Here are some pictures of my work:

In this piece I was experimenting the effect of using dripping paint in my work to give the image a looser feel, as though the paint was acting on it's own accord.

Here I applied the paint quickly resulting in this dappled effect, which I think is really effective.  I also really like the colours of this piece, it's bleak, but not too dark.

The style of this painting was largely inspired by the artist, Cecily Brown, the idea is that the form is not too clearly visible so it intrigue the viewer and make them want to look more closely at the painting.  I think I would like to do more works in the style.

This is the largest painting I have done so far.  All my other pieces have been painted on A5 canvases and this canvas is A3 sized.  The increased scale was great because it gave me so much more room to just play around and experiment with the paint.  I found that I could use the paint brush more freely and create these dynamic brush strokes which work really well.


  1. hey stummbled across your blog - your work is very interesting. i really love this last painting you've done, do u use acrylic paint or the more oil based kind? and do u change your brush size as you go along? would be interesting to learn a bit more about the process you go through to get this unique outcome :D

  2. Thank you for your comment! It's always nice when people appreciate your work :) I use acrylic paints in all my work and I tend to work with the same sized brush although I do use larger brushes to fill in large areas of background just because it is quicker. I will keep posting up pictures of my work so keep checking back :)